Welcome to iAspire Yoga, Pilates & Barre!

iAspire is a boutique Yoga, Mat Pilates and Barre studio where clients are nurtured as they explore and evolve towards their true potential.

Yoga is all about expanding the body through stretching and in turn expanding the mind.

Amy will work alongside you in your journey of becoming who you want to be both mentally and physically.

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What do we offer?


Hatha Yoga, combines postures (Asana) and breathing (Pranayama) in combination with mental focus to develop awareness, strength and flexibility, and relaxation.


Through proper alignment and mindful actions of the body, Hatha Yoga brings balance, strength, and a sense of well-being to the practitioner.


Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates exercises work to strengthen the ‘core’, lengthen the spine and build muscle tone and increase body awareness, co-ordination and improve posture and flexibility.


Mat Pilates can benefit both men and women of all ages, regardless of fitness level or flexibility.


Our classes seek to educate each individual about their bodies by assisting them to understand how to use correct body alignment and muscle control in their every day activities.


Classes are suitable from the absolute beginner to the advanced participant. Individuals perform exercises within their own limitations.



Barre combines ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, Dance, Yoga and Strength Training.


Classes can incorporate classic dance moves such as plies, alongside static stretches. Barre also focuses on high reps of small range movements so get ready to get the heart rate up.


Barre is for both men and woman it will make you feel slimmer thanks to your improved posture and alignment.


Your muscles will feel toned, your limbs will look longer and you’ll be standing taller.