Careful injury recovery
iAspire Yoga Main Beach The importance of careful injury recovery

The importance of careful injury recovery

I am just about 3 months into the recovery from an anterior shoulder dislocation with the added misfortune of brachial nerve plexus damage, a complication as a result of my shoulder being dislocated. All of this due to some fun evening gymnastics with my step daughter!!

Unfortunately it impacted the functionality of my dominant right arm and hand and I pretty much had to learn how to strengthen and recover from a claw hand to near normality (where I am at now).

Well my limited experience with breakages and dislocations, in fact never having done either in my life, but knowing how common these are made me underestimate the severity and importance of a careful recovery of any injury when it comes to sport.


For any injury it is about learning through the recovery about yourself, your body and future steps to avoid injury!

So when it comes to prevention of any injury I invite you to pay careful attention to any cues, rest is better than cure

  • Have a 1-2 day break between area workouts
  • Don’t over exercise an area in 1 workout
  • Inform your health care professional of ANY area of weakness.

Injury can happen to anyone and if it does, reflect and rest but focus on areas that are not impacted and keep up strength and movement here. Injury is not a life sentence it grows you mentally and makes you that much stronger and aware of your body when you are given the go ahead to get back into it.

What injuries have you recovered from I would love to hear from you. ??????

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