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iAspire Yoga Main Beach - Pranayamas

So you’ve heard about Yoga and it’s many benefits but you are still not entirely convinced?

Perhaps the thoughts ‘I’m not flexible enough’ or ‘a cardio workout or a weight based session is more appealing than trying to get into a headstand or a downward dog?’

Well these concerns weighed heavily on my mind before I became passionate about yoga. I completely ruled out yoga as I needed to feel my heart pounding and to work up a sweat. Little did I know the benefits of yoga are not only physical but mental too.

The components of yoga, pranayama, meditation, relaxation and the asanas each play a role in making a yoga workout the best workout for you.

Firstly pranayamas (breath control) causes you to focus inwards, the deeper breathing enriches the blood with oxygen, calms the mind and connects you with the present moment.

iAspire Yoga Coomera Waters - Pranayamas

Meditation ‘for more information see our recent Meditation blog here’ calms the mind, it increases self-awareness and self-acceptance.

iAspire Yoga Coomera Waters - Meditation

Asana (yoga postures) improve strength, flexibility and body balance. . Coordinated movements in asana yoga are a good way to stretch your muscles, and with that you will be able to keep your body flexible and balanced. Since the asana yoga is good for all organs in your body, it will help you to strengthen and improve your overall health.

iAspire Yoga Coomera Waters - Asana

Positive mind, positive body, positive health!

If this has moved you closer towards giving Yoga a go, join me on the mat at iAspire Yoga in Coomera Waters.

And I am currently running an amazing $30.00 introductory offer.
For a limited time I am including a FREE quality yoga mat in your first class! These classes are personalised with no more than 3 participants.

iAspire Yoga Coomera Waters FREE yoga mat

We focus on pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy and relaxation in the class and you will leave feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Amy YogaAmy instructs at iAspire Yoga Main Beach, Gold Coast and is passionate about teaching Yoga plus Pilates and connecting with her clients.

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